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We will fight for them because they cannot fight alone.  They need our help, our love and our support.  They need US, the collective HUMAN us.  Let us rise together to help them. Our brothers, sisters, children and friends. 

In 2017, the Department of Health and Human Services declared the problem with opioid addiction in the United States an epidemic.


   In 2020, overdose deaths rose to an all time high of 93,331

that means that In 2020, approximately 256 people died every day from opioid overdoses 


    Help us put an end to those numbers


Too many of us know what it’s like to watch someone spiral out of control, beyond the reach of friends and family.  We can ride the waves of addiction by their side, cheering them on when they break away from it, crying with them when they get pulled back in. 

Collectively, we are the families, the friends, the addicts, the people who have and always will refer to themselves as in recovery.  We are all of these labels together.  


We will fight for our loved ones. We will fight for the people we do not know, the people who cannot love themselves. The ones who try everyday to stay sober and who fight every hour to make the choice not to use. The ones who will use and swear "never again,'' the ones who make a pact with themselves every night before going to sleep that they will do better, try better, be better tomorrow.  The ones who are no longer with us because they lost their battle, those promises they made to themselves never fulfilled.  


Join us as we give our all to changing the outcome of the opioid epidemic, one soul at a time.


Together, we can make a difference.  


Together, we will rise against addiction.

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