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The Joey Project is a 501c3 Non-Profit organization


We started The Joey Project to make a change. Through our efforts and those of our supporters, we bring education and awareness about opiate addiction to our community at large.  Our hope is that our collective efforts will create a wave of action throughout our community and our nation.  
All donations will go toward The Joey Project Inc., a mental health fund where we can financially assist people and families in need.  
Our collective efforts help:


-Empower children from afflicted families make better choices as adults


-Provide a scholarship fund that will go toward assisting children who have lost a parent or parents to an overdose


-Support an operational sober home that supports and aligns with our mission, vision and values


Look for upcoming events and more ways to help us achieve our mission.

Are you looking to get involved? Do you have an idea that could help us create a change? Would you like to contribute to our blog?


We welcome all and any friends, so please contact us using the form below.

 Welcome to our village, we didn't ask to be here and we would give anything to not be, but here we are.  Let's work together to inspire change across the nation.

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We'll be in touch shortly!

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